General Fee Structure Quick View

Fee Structure

Admission Fee (One Time)                  Rs 21,000/-
Security Deposit (Refundable)             Rs 9,000/-

Tuition Fee Per Credit Hour

Management Sciences

Amount (Rs)

Associate Degree 4,975
BBA 4-year 4,975
BS (Accounting & Finance) 4,975
BS (Aviation Management) 4,975
BS (Entrepreneurship) 4,975
MBA 4,975
MS/MPhil 6,000
MS (Engineering Management) 6,000
PhD 6,000

BS (Enterprise Resource Planning)5,250

Computer Sciences

Amount (Rs)

BS-CS 5,900
BS (Data Science) 5,900
BS (Artificial Intelligence) 5,900
BS (Cyber Security) 5,900
MCS 5,250
MSc (Enterprise Resource Planning) 5,250
MS/MPhil 6,000
PhD 6,000


Amount (Rs)

BE-Electrical 6,050
BE-Avionics 6,050
BE-Mechatronics 6,050
BE-Software Engineering 6,050
MS (Electronic Engineering) 6,000
PhD (Electronic Engineering) 6,000

Arts, Humanities & Sciences

Amount (Rs)

BCA, BS-TV & Film Production 6,550
BS (English) 4,400
BS (Mathematics) 3,600
BS (Actuarial Science & Risk Management) 4,400
MCA 5,700

Engineering Technology

Amount (Rs)

BSc Computer Engineering Technology 5300
BSc Electronics Engineering Technology 5300


  1. A morning program’s student is required to pay Rs. 1200/- per Regular semester and Rs. 600/- in Summer semester for Student Societies’ activities, while the evening programs students pay Rs. 1000/- and Rs. 500/- respectively.
  2. Each student is required to pay Rs. 600/- per semester for his/her copies of research work and publication journal by the Institute.
  3. Internship/Project fees are charged as per credit hour whereas Rs. 35000/- shall be charged for MS programs thesis.
  4. Security deposit is refundable only on termination of admission.
  5. Security deposit will be adjusted against convocation charges and against loss/damage to property / equipment.
  6. An estimated 10% raise in tuition fee is expected according to inflation rate annually.